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"...Milestones looks at the child as an individual..."


“When it was time for our son to enter preschool we began the exhaustive search to find the perfect place for him. We knew his personality and wanted to place him in a nurturing environment with a curriculum based on the interests of the children, not just focused on structured academics. We interviewed many schools and after a week at Milestones we knew it was the perfect fit. The Milestones Program looks at each child individually, not only as part of a group. They are quick to point out areas of concern and help you to address them as well as provide you with external resources if needed. We have watched our son flourish while in the Milestones Family and know he is building not only a great academic foundation but a great emotional one as well.”

“I am convinced that we are better parents today because (of Milestones)”


“I am convinced that we are better parents today because of the skills that Milena and the teachers at Milestones have so generously shared with us. The amount of respect, patience and love with which they treat the children allows us to go to work at peace. At Milestones my children are allowed to thrive through play. They can garden, watch the worms at the compost pile, sculpt with clay, paint, etc. We couldn’t have found a better fit for our family!!!”
George and Adriana Beischl

“I am continuously amazed…”


“Milena runs a fantastic program at Milestones, and my son, Jake has really thrived there. I am continuously amazed by all that he has learned during the last six months, and how much I have learned from Milena that I am able to use at home. Before attending Milestones, Jake was not interested in learning letters. But after a short period of time, he had learned not only to write his own name, but to recognize the names of his peers, and truly seemed to understand how letters go together to form words, make sentences, and express ideas. I give complete credit to Milena for this, who uses a functional approach in the classroom that gives meaning to writing. It has really inspired Jake to become interested in learning as an enjoyable activity in itself, instead of a chore.”
– Christy Skura

"The teachers go above and beyond on the daily."


We couldn't have dreamed up a better school if we tried! We absolutely adore everything about Milestones and our family feels so fortunate to have found it. The teachers go above and beyond on the daily. Days off are often spent at seminars and lectures learning more techniques and the latest child development thinking. Their program is all inclusive and works hard to meet every child's needs. We are constantly blown away at the amazing children that they have helped to shape. The community is one that you will not find anywhere else. We can not say enough good things about Milestones and will truly miss it when it is time for our family to leave. Can our boys stay until college? 

- John and Gaelyn Jenkins

"I had a long list of criteria, and Milestones ticked every single box."


I was one of those parents who really researched the best approaches to early childhood learning: I read articles and spoke to experts in early childhood education, and was looking for the "best" preschool for my daughter. I had a long list of criteria, and Milestones ticked every single box. 1. Child-led 2. Play-based 3. Diverse 4. A lot of outdoor time 5. Loving teachers who are passionate about how young minds learn and continue their education 6. Community-minded. 7. Focus on social and emotional development. 8. No pressure for kids being potty trained. 9. Low teacher-to-student ratio. 10. Range of activities (music, soccer, Spanish, parent education). Teachers meet kids where they are and foster curiosity, the most important ingredient in learning. Our daughter thrived in her 2.5 years at Milestones, and entered Kindergarten more than prepared for the next level of learning--academically, emotionally and socially.

-Halina and Les

"A nurturing environment where social and emotional balance is encouraged ..."


As a family doctor and a mother of two small children, it was imperative that I find a place that not only provided a safe environment for my children but a place that also approach learning from a holistic view. I heard about Milestones from a close friend and upon my initial visit, I was convinced that this was the right place for my children. A nurturing environment where social and emotional balance is encouraged and, of course, pure love from Milena and her staff was more than what a working mother could ask for.  Thank you Milestones!

-Stacie Hartman

"Our entire family made connections during our time at Milestones... "


Milestones was the perfect combination of learning and play, and social emotional growth for my kids. Milena and her staff of teachers are amazing and sweet and able to set loving boundaries. They truly evaluate each child and adjust to fit their learning style. Both of my children were so well equipped with the tools to navigate kindergarten. And Milena has a way of fostering a community feel, she prioritizes getting to know each family to better understand the children. She offers education classes for the parents, that I learned so much from and it made me feel less alone chartering the unknown waters of parenting. The space at Milestones is so inviting and there is a lot of time and effort into creating an amazing learning environment for the kids. Our entire family made connections during our time at Milestones that continue well after preschool.