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Milestones Community

Who we are

Painting by Hilary Newberry, an accurate representation of the entrance to our classroom.

Milestones is a HOME BASED preschool program

At first glance, Milestones looks like a family home located on the north side of Inglewood, California. As you walk up the quiet, tree lined street and through the gate you’ll discover a space that bridges home and school. Our play structure, community garden and patio (outdoor classroom) are shaded by our beautiful persimmon tree. The 18X6 foot lap pool is filled with silica-free play sand, perfect for your everyday mud pie creation or construction site zone. Our two car garage has been transformed into a cozy preschool classroom. In our outdoor classroom, you’ll find a plethora of rich sensory materials and provocations to delight young learners in open-ended sensory exploration.


Our Mission

Milestones, is committed to planting the seeds of confident learners. Our graduates will understand gifts and challenges. They will celebrate and share their gifts, using them to support their community. They will learn from their struggles, which will in turn allow them to identify and understand the challenges of others. Equip with this level of compassion, our students will have the tools they need to preform successfully through their life journey.



It is our belief that children learn best when they are interested in what they are learning. We observe children, plan activities that will expand their thinking and allow for language, literacy, pre-mathematical concepts and other pre-academic skills to develop. We implement curriculum focused on play and tailored to the specific interests and development levels of our children.  Our entire space is built to foster and provide opportunities for small hands to explore and create. Our staff is committed to being life long learners and to continuous professional development. 

Meet the Team

Milena Bice


Milena is the owner and director of Milestones Preschool, LLC. She has been working in the field of young children for 19 years as a preschool teacher, parent educator and consultant.  

Milena holds an Associates of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Santa Monica College and attended National University for Bachelor requirements in Early Childhood education and administration. 

Having three children one of which has special rights, has shaped Milena's philosophy greatly. She has a deep passion for the development of the social emotional intelligence in children as well as the adults in their lives.  This means her staff are encouraged to really analyze their responses to experiences.  Inclusion of children of all abilities in the classroom is something Milena is constantly exploring. Her goal is to continue her understanding of what full inclusion means and how to properly implement it with social emotional development at the foundation of it. 

Jennifer Curiel


Jennifer first realized she wanted to work with children when she volunteered in a program called Amigos de UCLA. In this program, she was a mentor to a kindergartener and would help him with his assignments.  She enjoyed it so much, she decided to change her major to Early Childhood Education. She has been  working with children between the ages of 2-5 for five years.

Jennifer holds an Associates of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Santa Monica College and a Bachelor of Arts in Child Development from California State University of Los Angeles. She also has experience working with children with exceptional needs. An inclusive environment is very important to her.

Jennifer's calm and patient demeanor allow her to step back and observe, reflect, and analyze the children’s development. 

Maya Stein


Maya is the newest addition to the Milestones Team. She has been a child educator for over 5 years. 

Maya loves the wonder and surprise children express when exploring new concepts. She loves setting up thought provoking activities for the children and listening to their thoughts and theories on how things work. 

Her current goal is to complete her Master Teaching Certification for Preschool age Children at Santa Monica College. In the future, she would like to complete her BA in Psychology, with a focus in Behavior Science, at UCLA. Her dream career is to be a child psychologist with an emphasis in behavioral therapy. 

On her spare time, Maya enjoys reading novels, playing with her two cats and exploring new places around LA. Maya'

Kahiry Chagoya


Kahiry's, (pronounced like Heidi with a K) passion for teaching started as a young mother when she homeschooled her oldest son for five years. Through extensive parent education as well as attending ECE classes at Santa Monica College, she has  built the foundation of her teaching philosophy. She has had the privilege of continuing to learn and develop my teaching style here at Milestones since 2016. Milestones has provided access to attend a variety of professional development opportunities. Kahiry's favorite so far have been the  Social Thinking and Reggio Emilia workshops and conferences. 

Everyday she tries to rediscover the wonder and magic that children experience in the world. In that way, she can understand and learn how to meet the needs and sculpt developmentally appropriate responses to help the children solve their problems, learn independence and be impactful members of our community. She truly believes children are capable and it's her role to guide them through this experience as a friend and resource. 

When she is not at Milestones, she enjoys spending time with her family and pets. You can find her sewing, watching The Office or going on adventures to experience her own kind of magic and wonder.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees