Milestones Preschool

Milestones Preschool


Welcome to Milestones Preschool

Milestones is a home-based preschool program located in Inglewood, California. We implement curriculum focused on play and tailored to the specific interests and development levels of our children.

We emphasize community. We recognize that parents are a child’s first teachers. Therefore, we work with families as partners in supporting the children’s complete development. We work as one unit and try to maintain consistency throughout the children’s lives.



It is our belief that children learn best when they are interested in what they are learning. We observe children, plan activities that will expand their thinking and allow for language, literacy, pre-mathematical concepts and other pre-academic skills to develop. Learn More



At Milestones we take extra care in making children feel safe, comfortable and loved. We implement a curriculum based on play, and the current interests and development levels of our children. We provide a rich environment to explore and discover. Our goal is for Milestones graduates to enter kindergarten as self-confident, effective problem solvers. We know the importance of observing the children, slowing down and truly listening to them. From there we reflect on our observations and find meaning in everything that we do. Learn More



We believe in developing the whole child. Our enrichment program includes yoga, gymnastics, music and cooking. All enrichment happens at Milestones during the children’s regular hours. Learn More

Building a Thriving Community, One Child at a Time!