Milestones Preschool

Milestones Preschool


Welcome to Milestones Preschool

Milestones is a home-based preschool program. At first glance, Milestones looks like a family home located on the north side of Inglewood (La Tijera Village), California. As you walk up the quiet, tree lined street and through the gate you’ll discover a space that bridges home and school. Our play structure, community garden and patio (outdoor classroom) are shaded by our beautiful persimmon tree. The 18X6 foot lap pool is filled with silica-free play sand, perfect for your everyday mud pie creation or construction site zone. Our two car garage has been insulated, painted and transformed into the coziest preschool classroom in La Tijera Village. As you walk into our open air outdoor classroom, you’ll find a plethora of rich sensory materials and provocations to delight young learners in open-ended sensory exploration. Our entire space is built to foster and provide opportunities for small hands to explore and create.

Mission Statement 

Milestones, is committed to planting the seeds of confident learners. Our graduates will understand gifts and challenges. They will celebrate and share their gifts, using them to support their community. They will learn from their struggles, which will in turn allow them to identify and understand the challenges of others. Equip with this level of compassion, our students will have the tools they need to preform successfully through their life journey.


It is our belief that children learn best when they are interested in what they are learning. We observe children, plan activities that will expand their thinking and allow for language, literacy, pre-mathematical concepts and other pre-academic skills to develop. We implement curriculum focused on play and tailored to the specific interests and development levels of our children. Learn More



At Milestones we take extra care in making children feel safe, comfortable and loved. We implement a curriculum based on play, and the current interests and development levels of our children. We provide a rich environment to explore and discover. Our goal is for Milestones graduates to enter kindergarten as self-confident, effective problem solvers. We know the importance of observing the children, slowing down and truly listening to them. From there we reflect on our observations and find meaning in everything that we do. We emphasize community. We recognize that parents are a child’s first teachers. Therefore, we work with families as partners in supporting the children’s complete development. We work as one unit and try to maintain consistency throughout the children’s lives.


Building a Thriving Community, One Child at a Time!